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What Sets Us Apart?

We firmly believe that animals are also worthy of the care and respect just like we, as humans, desire. Being the creation of same God, creating distinction based on a living entity's status owing to their position in the hierarchy of evolution is a grave injustice. And specially when it comes to animals that have served as providers and a greatly contributed to the development of civilization by being an integral component of the whole process, the bar is raised higher. We fully understand the concern and plight that is often highlighted by animal activists pertaining to the treatment of animals in the commercial domestication sector. We have created a sprawling facility that comprises of well built sheds with adequate arrangements for changing weather, and have the capability to withstand them all. This is where the animals are housed, and proper care of hygiene is taken to avert the possible breakout of any kind of disease. Not only are the animals fed on timely basis, but also their feed is regularly rotated to make sure that all vital nutrient requisites are fulfilled. Moreover, special attention is paid to cattle that are about to welcome a new life in the world, and appropriate arrangements for their medical and dietary needs are done. We spare no ounce of effort on our end to make sure that the animals are treated with as much care as possible, and not just as living means of capital growth and profit multiplication.

Why Us?

Rajesh Dairy Farm is a well known name in the dairy industry and has a wide base of clients lining up to associate with the company. We have amassed widespread acclaim and have a solid reputation in the domain as a premier name, that is highly dependable, and have set the bar quite high for our peers to emulate. But its not only our offerings that have catapulted us to newer heights of success, but also our policies and certain advantages that come on collaborating with us. Mentioned below are few factors that are worth your attention:

  • Only the best breeds with high growth vigour are selected
  • Proper medical care is taken to ward off diseases
  • Highly nutritious feed provided, for superior physical development
  • Medically tested and certified fit cattle
  • Excellent transportation facilities
  • Flexible transaction media for convenience of clients